Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Bowl Follow-UP

Molly posted earlier this week a disturbing ad from the Super Bowl. Perhaps one of the most upsetting elements--that many people watching the Super Bowl never even pick up on the objectification of females because they are so used to it. (But not if we can help it!, here we come.)

To evidence and follow up on Molly's Post, I wanted to link this article from the New York Times that is asking for readers' comments on whether they were offended by Super Bowl ads. The only ad gaining attention is one about Pandas talking in Chinese accents (which, yes, I found offensive). I also found it offensive that NO ONE talked about ads and their depiction of females or female sexuality.

One NYT reader made this comment and I wanted to re-post it. Its apparently from MIKE in NYC...

"The racial stereotypes were so overwhelmingly offensive and obvious. I'm surprised that no one has commented on the fact that female sexuality was so overtly on display as a given in many of the ads. Perhaps this is because the exploitation of women is so inherent to our culture particularly the advertising culture that few recognize it for what it is." Mike, NYC. (February 6th, 11:32 A.M)

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naprakas said...

while this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the super bowl ads - i thought many of you might want to take a look at the XXblog at slate magazine. it's written by the female writers and editors at slate magazine and is an interesting take on everything we seek to do here. you can find it on under the XXfactor.